Thursday, July 10, 2014


Argentina, Argentina, Argentina. Yes, Argentina has won on penalties. A 4-2 victory ended up the oranje race to the final. At last the dream of Argentina to play in this year’s final has come to a reality. the story went over after a goal-less draw in 120 minutes time. The Oranje played very well but did not manage to see the net at all. Robin Van Persie was not in his normal form we are used to see. 

The Argentinian defence blocked all the balls from reaching Van Persie. He was so lonely in front. The Argentinian defence also managed to block all those harmful dribbling from Arjen Robben.  They only lacked the normal play making from Lionel Messi as he normally play at Barcelona.

Robben neary scored in the extra time but Mascherano denied him the opportunity. Although he did not shine as when he plays for Barcelona, Messi made an impact by his presence on the game. Van Persie was replaced by Huntelaar to try to have another attacking alternative for the oranje but Argentinian defence was very keen to stop their opponents. Both teams defended very well and no wonder they ended up with a 0-0 draw. We expected Krul to replace the number 1 keeper before the end of extra time, but this did not happen.

Robben under a very close supervision

Robben stopped by Argentinian defender.

Janmaat denies Higuain from making a header.