Friday, July 4, 2014


The Selecao has played a very tough game against another South America underdog. The absence of Radamel Falcao was well substituted by Juan Quadrado and James Rodriguez. Colombia were playing a very quick passing football but Brazil defenders were extra careful to clear all dangers on their goal. The 1st goal came in the 7th minute from a corner kick. The ball was uncleared by the Colombian defence and Thiago Silva kicked it in the net.

The 1st half ended with 1-0 win in favour of the Brazilians. Brazil destructed the attacking moves of the Colombian side for all of the 1st half. Colombia seemed to have no plan B because they almost didn't change their attacking style even in the 2nd half. Several times the Colombian team preferred to play individually and this made some breakthrough for the Selecao.

Neymar took the 2 free kicks but none went in the goal. It has been a very tough moment for Colombia to play in Fortaleza with the stadium full of Brazilian fans. The yellow T-shirts dominated the stadium. David Luiz made a crucial goal out of a free kick. This really ended the hopes of the Colombians to go through. Few minutes before the match ended, Colombia got a penalt spot and James Rodriguez took it successfully to make the only goal for Colombia. The match ended at a 2-1 score, and Brazil will face Germany in the semi-finals.