Saturday, July 5, 2014


The quarter finals opened with the 2 European giants meeting in Maracana. Maracana is as big as the match itself. Think of the Germans at their form and also think of France who sank the Super Eagles in their game at the round of 16. It was another tough test for The Blues. The Germans did a very outstanding job in the midfield. Bastian Schwenstiger, Philip Lahm, Mats Hummel were all working together to block the Blues from attacking.

The Germans played with great cautions in their defence. Some times they blocked all dangerous balls from Valbuena from reaching Benzema. Antoinne Griezman was under a very close football policemen namely Metersacker and Jerome.

The Germans played so strategically in their game against France. They understood that winning is the only option better than France. They tried to press ahead in the 1st half as much as they could. Remember the Germans are very tall as compared by the Frenchmen. Klose took a free-kick and luckily enoughHummel was available to connect it to the net. Remember that this shot on the goal of France was the 1st which was on target, and it made all the difference. The Germans dominated much of the 1st half by 59% possession, and this showed that they just needed to win and maximize their victory in the 1st half before their opponents can do any harm.

France could really use the 2nd half for a revenge because the Germans played much defensive game in the second half, with only 40% possession. It seems that France lacked a creative plan B to see the Germany net as they continued to attack but no goal was conceded. This Ribery-less France lacked a person who can dictate the game and bring a significant change on the pitch. Bon Voyage France, but we all appreciate the way you have played in group stage and in the round of 16.