Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Germany squad

Brazil is facing a very huge task tonight against Germany in the first semi-final match. There is no much damage on the German side as we can see that Mats Hummel is back in business. There is a home advantage when it comes to Brazil. They will play at home and  will be backed up by multitudes of home fans. The Selecao might try to utilize this home advantage.

This is Neymar-less Selecao. Thiago Silva also will be missing. On my side Brazil has many players on the bench to cover the place of those 2 key players. The problem which Scolari will be facing is to have a plan B which will accommodate another player in the absence of Naymar. Thiago Silva is a very crucial player on the defence. Dante can replace him, but Silva is more committed and more potential than Dante.

For the Germans, it is more than enough to play in the semi-finals for some years now. They are likely to be motivated to play so hard to move to the final. Let us wait and see if Brazil can win this game, but I don't underestimate the German Soldiers.

Brazil squad. Pic by: www.huffingtonpost.com