Thursday, July 3, 2014


Algeria national team played a very impressive game against South Korea in this summer world cup in Brazil. After loosing their game to Belgium, they seemed to be determined for victory, and they showed a very good attack minded game. Their game against South Korea was such a very nice one to watch.

For the Desert foxes, team work and team spirit was crucial. They managed to end up the first 45 minutes with a very promising lead of 3 goals. The South Koreans were suffering to resist the quick footballing style from the Algerians without much success.

The 1st goal came in the 26th minute of the game and was netted by Islam Slimani. Most goals came from a quick ball possession and wonderful running which awarded their team with a 3-0 victory in the 1st half.

The South Korean team tried to revenge in the second half after scoring their 1st goal in the 50th minute. After 90 minutes it was the Desert Foxes who emerged with a 4 - 2 win. Algeria has been the only African team to score 4 goals in this world cup. In their form, Algerians could even defeat Brazil. They are so quick and accurate when they go for an attack. After losing their game to Germany it might be the starting point for building another strong team for other championships. I predict that Algeria may win the coming AFCON if they continue to play with such a higher level of tactical discipline.